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Emerging Talent: Julian Gopal

New Mexico Talent

Emerging Talent: Julian Gopal

Emerging Talent: Julian Gopal

Photos by Alex Tulskikh

Appearance on the 94 Rock Morning Show 1/26/18


When you think of westerns, you generally think of a dusty, handsome leading man facing incredible odds and having to navigate all sorts of bad situations and even badder men. Slicing through the desert alone, on horseback against a magnificently setting sun, the vision of the western film hero has been burned into our psyche. A new film from Eyes Align Entertainment “The Broken Man” and its young star will force you to rethink that paradigm. “The Broken Man” starring New Mexico native Julian Gopal is scheduled to film its sizzle reel in mid February in Albuquerque and Santa Rosa, NM.

11 year old Gopal, while young, is no stranger to a film or television series set having been cast in the upcoming indie film American Folk as well as NBC’s The Night Shift, in which his equally talented older brother Alex also had a role. Julian is an accomplished thespian and model with credits in The Wizard of Oz and ABQ The Magazine. Both Julian and his brother Alex are represented by Presley Talent Agency.

It would be natural to think that with such a demanding schedule, a young actor wouldn’t have time for other pursuits, but in Julian’s case that simply isn’t true. He is active in Tae Kwon Do as well as playing center for the NM IceWolves hockey club. Also an accomplished photographer, Gopal traveled with his family to the Galapagos Islands to photograph many native species in their natural habitat. When asked how he manages to pursue so many varied interests he said, “That’s a good question…I take things step by step and take [top] priorities first. I try and stay on top of all I do and when I can’t my Mom is there and helps me”.

Julian can currently be seen in the independent feature American Folk, premiering on Friday, January 26 at The Screen at SFUAD in Santa Fe. The film follows two folk musicians in the days after 9/11 road-tripping across 14 states to experience the kindness of strangers and to spread the power of music.

The Broken Man production and Eyes Align Entertainment have partnered with the New Mexico Spotlight Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established for the purpose of raising funds for the professional advancement of New Mexico performers and filmmakers. The fundraising partnership with a nonprofit offers a tax deduction to donors and guarantees that filmmakers use local talent and crew for their productions. The sizzle reel for The Broken Man features Gopal, Steven Micheal Quezada (Breaking Bad), Rio Alexander (Godless), Brandon K. Hampton (Better Call Saul), Stephen Burhoe, Reginald Watts, Jack Jackson, and Katyia Shurkin. Burhoe, who serves as Julian’s acting coach recommended his young student to writer/director Jaron Whitfill.

What most excites him about him about his role in Broken Man? “Acting in a lead role for the first time and being in a New Mexico action western film,” Julian said.

What lies in the future for young Gopal as he furthers his acting career? He said, “I’d love to work with Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things) and my dream role would be to play Spiderman.”

With talent, enthusiasm, and a supportive family, we may just see the young star slinging webs and chasing bad guys through downtown Albuquerque in the years to come.

For more on the New Mexico Spotlight Foundation and The Broken Man production visit:

Press inquiries for Julian or Alex should be directed to:
Christina Gopal – Talent/Talent Rep

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