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New Mexico Short Film of Biblical Proportions


New Mexico Short Film of Biblical Proportions

New Mexico Short Film of Biblical Proportions

A provocative new short film is coming from New Mexico filmmakers Michael Giudicissi and Jason Hill. “Mankind?” explores an alternate history of the origins of man by asking the questions:

What if God exists, but we were not created in his image?

What is Heaven is real, but we could never get there?

What if the Bible is true, but it was NOT written for us?

The film, which will be shot in Albuquerque and areas of north central New Mexico, centers around the discovery of a 20,000 year old Bible that tells a much different story about the origins of mankind than we currently know.

Giudicissi and Hill have formed their new production company, Mankind Productions, LLC to answer these controversial questions. While the story is fictional, screenwriter Giudicissi says it poses some important questions and prompts debate whenever it is discussed. “The central question the movie asks is ‘what would we do as a society if we found out that everything written about God, Heaven, and The Bible were real….but didn’t apply to us? Would we make the most of this life knowing it was the only one we had, or would the world descend into chaos, anarchy, and extinction?’”asks Giudicissi. He adds “While many people who have seen the trailer believe we’re attempting to push some religious agenda, what we’re actually doing is presenting a case study of humanity…regardless of religion or religious beliefs”

Mankind Productions is seeking funding for the film through a Kickstarter campaign at the present time. The film’s Kickstarter trailer features a number of well known local actors including Royd McCargish, Monique Mosher, Aaron Mastriani, and Victor Chavez. The campaign has some interesting rewards including original Genesis 1:26 Bible art created by renowned comic artist and Albuquerque resident Andy Kuhn. Higher donation levels also reward backers with Associate or Executive Producer credits. The film will be a SAG production #457679.

You can view the Kickstarter campaign and film trailer at

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