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Today’s NM Film Fix

NM Film Fix

Today’s NM Film Fix

Today’s NM Film Fix


Film & Production News:

Just across the wire – Get Shorty will be back to film S2.

As we told you here, we can expect Margot Robbie in early October.

Rumored: The Healer – Feature film, drama, late October
The mother of a man very sick with an eating disorder (taunted and bullied by classmates), hires faith-healer to cure him. Something mystical happens during the botched healing and the man end up not only healthy but is left with strange and unusual powers.

Also late October – A drama series pilot based on the 1990 feature film Tremors, for the SyFy network. Bacon will reprise his role as Valentine McKee. Yes, starring the timeless Kevin Bacon.

Saul Emmy Noms – The latest season of the beloved Albuquerque show has garnered 8 nominations* including best actor, supporting actor, outstanding directing and best drama series. Cast and crew will be back in action for S4 this November.

Stranger Things, Outstanding Casting for a drama series. Albuquerque connection – Carmen Cuba studied journalism here in NM. “I was in high school in a Navajo reservation for one year and moved schools a zillion times because we went wherever my mom got a teaching gig.”

The Emmys air Sunday, 9/17 on CBS.


Volunteer background opportunity to play a security guard for local singer Vez.
Need larger male, thick build, with black pants and shirt or security guard uniform. Video is this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Message Leonard Kagan here.

Sande Alessi Casting has teased a handful of projects set to start up in the next month or so. They are currently looking for all types. Esp. Men with beards, mustaches, horseback experience, and women and children to fill a variety of roles. Most projects will be filming in the Santa Fe, Pecos, Las Vegas, and Taos area. Register with Sande Alessi Casting here.

Indie short film seeking elderly Caucasian couples (65-80 yrs) who live in Farmington, NM. These are both speaking roles. Must be available the night of September 17th. Title email: COUPLE
Send submissions to:

WATCH: HOSTILES trailer here.

Filmmakers/Talent include marketing in your budgets. I hear broadcast radio is a good buy…

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