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Albuquerque Acting Instruction – By Design

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Albuquerque Acting Instruction – By Design

Albuquerque Acting Instruction – By Design

Local acting coach helps students create authentic performances through self-exploration

True mastery of any skill requires dedication and practice. Most people aren’t born with the innate ability to simply be a carpenter or a nurse. They spend years building their expertise through a combination of training and experience. Acting is no different.

For many aspiring actors, formal training may seem financially implausible or even slightly intimidating. Local acting coach Alexander Thorne wants to change all of that.

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Thorne opened his acting studio, By Design – Instinctively Motivated Acting, to share his knowledge and experience with other actors who were looking for something more than just another acting method class. Using various techniques and philosophies, his classes focus on helping students draw from their own personal experiences. By exploring these experiences, students learn to use genuine emotions to bring authenticity and power to their performances.

“My classes are just as much about self-exploration as acting.” Thorne shared in a recent interview with One Headlight Ink. “We have a revelation in almost every class!”

It was evident that Thorne’s passion was about more than just teaching classes, but helping students on a journey through self-discovery both on and off the screen.

Thorne shared: “Our individual perspectives inform and create the subtext by which we each navigate our daily lives. Subtext is the ‘why’ we each respond to stimuli in the way we do. Knowing and incorporating our own ‘why’ frees us to act upon instinct, never needing to consider the ‘how’ of living in an imaginary series of events.”

Thorne is sensitive to the fact that many are not comfortable sharing deep emotions in a group setting, so he designed his classes with this in mind. He encourages openness, acceptance and honesty among his students. His classes offer a comfortable place for students to explore uncomfortable emotions – helping them push beyond their boundaries as actors.

Thorne developed many of the techniques he teaches as a way to cope with his own tumultuous childhood – something he openly shares with his students. He was the victim of various forms of abuse as young boy, which later resulted in his rotating through youth group homes in California. Thorne says that he isolated himself as a child as a way to prepare for the abuse he knew that he would be forced to endure. For him, acting became a way for him to explore these experiences, even using them to his advantage.

“I tell my students that they paid for their experiences, so use them!”

Thorne discovered his love for acting when he moved to Albuquerque eight years ago. He rapidly became involved in the industry, finding work and learning about everything that he could. He enjoyed sharing his experiences with other actors, eventually producing workshops and classes on his own. While taking classes from Breaking Bad’’s Steven Michael Quezada, Thorne began to recognize his talent and passion for teaching. This later manifested into his own acting studio.
While he’s just getting started, he says that he wants the studio to be known in the industry for the quality of actors it produces. He shared that the most rewarding part about being an acting coach is watching his students learn to how to integrate themselves into their performances.

“My focus is to help create distinctively special actors that are prepared, confident and ready for the job.”

Thorne offers two sessions per week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to give serious actors the opportunity for consistent and frequent practice. He also offers private studio sessions on audition prep and recording, as well as remote sessions via Skype for audition prep and script breakdown.

To make the classes accessible to a wide range of students, he maintains low monthly rates ranging from $100 for one class weekly to $140 for two.

To find out more, visit the studio’s FAQ page, or join their group page on Facebook to connect with Thorne directly.

By Design – Instinctively Motivated Acting
2910 St. NW, Albuquerque

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