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Casting Call: Stage reading of feature film screenplay in Santa Fe

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Casting Call: Stage reading of feature film screenplay in Santa Fe



Casting Call for a Staged Reading of narrative feature film screenplay, WOLF, winner of the George RR Martin Screenwriter Grant. The reading will take place before a live audience of 130, at George RR Martin’s theater, Jean Cocteau in Santa Fe.

Casting Call: By appointment only
Casting Location: Please submit headshot/resume to and we will contact you to schedule an appointment and forward directions. New Mexico

Production Title: Wolf
Union/Non-Union: N/A
Production Type: Staged Reading
Production Company: Tree Swing Films, LLC
Director: Jocelyn Jansons
Compensation: There is no pay. Credit/Meals. Travel expenses considered.

Performance Date: January 10, 2017, 5 PM – 9 PM.
Performance Location: Jean Cocteau Cinema, Santa Fe, NM
Rehearsals: TBD, availability from January 1 in Santa Fe.

Synopsis: Wolf is a fantasy coming-of-age story of ANNA WILDER, 15, a teen fashion blogger who moves from L.A. to the Gila Mountains with her mom and brother, following her Apache actor father’s death, only to find she’s connected to an ancient line of magic that connects her to an endangered wolf.

Currently casting the following roles:


[ANNA] – female, 15, Native/White, fashionista, urban, self-involved but protective of her brother, terrified of animals and nature, angry

[NARRATOR] – female/male, any age/ethnicity considered, to read all of the stage directions and action of the screenplay. Voiceover/storytelling experience a plus.

[JOACHIM] – male, Native, 15-22, ranch kid, smart, witty, ambitious, hero, wears his heart on his sleeve.

[ELA] – female, Native, 15, Joachim’s sister, cheerleader, popular but with a secret

[MOM/DANA] – female, White, 30s-40s, newly single mom of Anna and Jordy, former model, narcissistic, a force to be reckoned with

[JORDY] – male, Native/White, 12, Anna’s brother, gifted, skittish, trauma issues, doesn’t speak.

[GREGG] – male, White or Latino but pretends to be Native, 30s-40s, teacher and biologist, Mom’s boyfriend, every teen girl’s dream but with a hidden predatory nature

[BUS DRIVER] – male, Native or Mixed Race, any age considered, massive fan of Apache actor, Tom Wilder

[KODY] – male, White, teens/20s, Ranch kid, bigoted, ignorant, and violent

[MISS KAY] – female, Native, 30s but any age considered, over-it high school teacher, animal activist, secretly connected to magic

[DAD/TOM WILDER] male, Native, 40s/50s, father of Jordy and Anna, Dana’s husband, semi-famous Western actor.

Please send headshots/resumes/demos ASAP to or contact (310) 699-9951 for more information. Please specify role in subject line.

NEW MEXICO locals only please

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