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NM Short Film “Expiry” now casting


NM Short Film “Expiry” now casting


Faith Hibbs Clark (Good Faith Casting) is currently seeking the following types for the New Mexico short film “Expiry.” Some roles can be more difficult to cast and may go beyond what the agents represent in New Mexico. Faith asks that those who are interested or know someone who might be a good fit, “please take a look and submit or refer. Feel free to repost as a share on social media.”

Name of Project: EXPIRY

Type of Project: Short Film

Production union status: SAG (if you are non-union you can still submit)

Audition Dates: November 9th 2016

Callback Date: TBA

Shoot Dates: Starts filming December 16th 2016

Shoot Location: Santa Fe, NM

Pay rate: $125 +10% Agency Fee

Type of Audition: Scripted

Story Line: An elderly woman comes to an extreme realization of a mandatory life expiration date in wake of hints pointing at survival vs. living.

Role Specs:

Alma (dark hair, innocent brown eyes) of Spanish decent – female – 60’s/70’s – Independent and free-spirited. Smart. Observant. Attentive. Keeps to herself unless it is something she firmly believes in. Wants the best for her kids.

Daisy (blonde, blue-eyed / large contrast with Alma) – Female – 60’s/70’s. Open ethnicity Comical. Witty. Unconditionally supportive. Advocate of living with purpose. Takes a lot to break her down emotionally

Son (tall, dark hair, handsome, Spanish-speaking not necessary but Spanish accent a plus) Male of Spanish decent. 30’s. Calm and collected. Courteous. High tolerance for stress. Shows high respect for mother.

Daughter (slim, dark hair, pretty, Spanish speaking – Spanish decent) female, 30’s. Neurotic and argumentative. Sleep-deprived. Lonely. Impatient. Wants to be independent but is insecure.

Cashier– Female 20 to 30 years old. Open Ethnicity. Friendly. Social. Optimistic. Insists that life could be worse. Simple-minded

HOW SUBMIT: Send an email to Subject line “EXPIRY, Role” Example “EXPIRY, Son” Include


Phone Number


City, State, Zip


Agent or put IND


Casting Company: Good Faith Casting, LLC (NM OFFICE)

Casting Director: Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA

Policies to note:

*Actors who are late or lost should notify their agent and not the casting staff.

*Zero tolerance for actors who confirm and then no-show or cancel on the same day without documented valid excuse will be placed on a 1 year probation period.

*Casting breakdowns are for casting purposes only and should not be considered a legally binding offer. It is the responsibility of the talent agent or talent to confirm booking information prior to accepting the job. Production release forms are available in advance of shoot, when available, but only upon request.

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