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#NMStage, Albuquerque


#NMStage, Albuquerque


QSolo Festival 2016 | January 22- 31

LOCAL BLOCK ONE: Saturday, January 30th, 2016 at 2pm ONLY | $10-$15 per ticket

Unredeemable by Jim Sea | Walking Upright by Lisanne Cole
presented by QSolo Festival 2016, a co-production between Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill and Sol Arts Academy

Unredeemable by Jim Sea

Imagine a world where any woman can go anywhere at any time without fear. In an effort to break through a barrier with a client a world renowned therapist butts heads with a government administrator, confronting popular beliefs of what it takes to prevent sexual assault. Mary, a world renowned therapist works with sex offender Dan to reprogram his behavior around sexual temptation and dysfunction. She reaches a barrier that she can’t seem to break through. She approaches Sawyer, a government administrator who has a new program with promising results. Because the program is new Sawyer needs an endorsement from Mary to legitimize it. However, when they uncover each others beliefs around what it takes to prevent sexual assault. sparks fly, leaving Dan in the cross hairs.

Walking Upright by Lisanne Cole

Christened on a Royal Naval destroyer and educated in the rigid environment of an English boarding school, Lisanne seemed doomed to life ruled by teachers left on the wayside of war and lessons on how to be a good housewife. Decidedly lacking in adventure. instructions of how to cook and sew were not enough for this boisterous Brit. Lured by the glitter of a disco ball she discovered a world filled with rhythms of different cultures, and exciting (though often mystifying) spiritual pastures. “Wow” she cried. “There’s more to life than tea and crumpets!”

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