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New Mexico Filmmaker Travel Stipend

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New Mexico Filmmaker Travel Stipend

UPDATE 4/4/16: The New Mexico Film Foundation is very proud and happy to announce the award of $400 from our Travel Stipend Fund to Alejandro Montoya to help him and his crew get to the Monterrey Mexico Film Festival this summer.

The travel stipend fund is made possible by charitable donations from people like you and from OneHeadlightInk. Thanks Christa for you help and support.

NMFilm Travel Stipend Plane 2

NMFF OHI Stipend 2b

One Headlight Ink is proud to partner with the New Mexico Film Foundation on their creation of a Filmmakers Tavel Stipend Fund. The Fund is now open for donations from businesses, organizations and private citizens. Accumulated donations will be awarded to select local filmmakers who have been accepted to national and internationally recognized film festivals on an as available basis.

New Mexico Film Foundation Filmmaker Travel Stipend:

“The New Mexico Film Foundation is now taking donations for our Filmmaker Travel Stipend. You all know how important it is to attend film festivals for the networking. This stipend will help filmmakers whose films have been accepted to festivals outside of New Mexico.

We want to thank Christa Valdez of for co-founding this fund. Christa will also be serving on the review committee. As soon as a certain threshold is reached with this fund we will begin accepting applications.

This travel stipend can be used to pay for motel rooms or airfare. It is not meant for other travel expenses or for entertaining. We will accept cash donations or Frequent Flyer Miles, hotel discounts etc.”

Tax deductible monetary donations can be made online here. Inquiries regarding making in-kind donations (plane tickets, hotel vouchers, etc.) can be made by contacting the New Mexico Film Foundation here.

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