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Michael Keaton movie in New Mexico

Filming in New Mexico

Michael Keaton movie in New Mexico

The Founder filming in NM

Word on the street, literally, is that New Mexico has its place in at least a piece of the upcoming Michael Keaton movie, “The Founder”.

The film is said to dramatize the story of Ray Kroc, a salesman from Illinois who meets 1950s burger restaurant proprietors Mac and Dick McDonald of Southern California. Impressed by the brothers’ efficient system of preparing and serving food, Kroc maneuvers himself in a position to capitalize on the franchise potential of their operation – leading to the billion-dollar McDonald’s empire now known worldwide.

The image above is reportedly of vehicles used in scenes shot in Valencia County last week. According to multiple sources the bulk of the movie is being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. The film also stars Linda Cardellini, Nick Offerman and Laura Dern. “The Founder” is scheduled for release November 25, 2016.

Thanks to our “rockstar” on the road for the pic!

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